Are You Off Balance? Try Yoga body/mind fitness power

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Perhaps you’ve been feeling “scattered” lately. Do you lose things easily? Forget appointments or information? Are you overwhelmed by the buzz of activity in your life? Maybe you think you don’t have the time to slow down and get “centered,” but you must know this: You don’t have the time not to get centered. 

If you’re feeling out of balance, you’re wasting your days, your energy, and your power. You’re like a house with the heat on and all the windows open. Yoga can help you close the windows (or turn off the heat) and center on making the most of each precious moment of your day.

Sometimes stress is a good thing. It can give you the power to escape from a dangerous situation. It can help you succeed in life, both in your physical pursuits (say, running a marathon) and in your intellectual challenges (say, passing a test). Too much stress, however, wreaks havoc on the body. When experiencing stress, the brain stimulates the adrenal glands, resulting in certain telltale symptoms:

➤ Your heart rate speeds up.

➤ Your blood pressure rises.

➤ Your breathing quickens and becomes more shallow.

➤ Your pupils dilate.

➤ Your muscles tense.

➤ You sweat.

➤ Your senses become heightened.

➤ Blood flows to your muscles and brain.

Too much of this kind of activity will wear out anyone’s system. Yoga’s body/mind fitness power can channel stress more efficiently, helping you instead of hurting you.

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